Fishing dreams


Fishing Mayrhofen

The entire Zillergrund and the Zillergründl reservoir will make every angler's heart beat faster. Our hotel guests have the opportunity to pursue their hobby in one of the most beautiful fishing lakes in the Zillertal. Please send an inquiry there, if you want to fish there are only a few fishing cards available!

Fish-rich Zillertal

The fish abundance in the Zillertal is great!

It is primarily fish from the Salmonid family that prefer living in fresh mountain water:

Brown trout (contrary to what its name suggests, it is also at home in lakes)

Rainbow trout &

Char are the three most abundant fish in the waters of the Zillertal.





The following applies to all fish species mentioned: they remain true to their location for a lifetime.
You can also observe that the higher the occurrence in the mountains, the slower the fish grows. Which is simply due to the reduced supply of food in increasing altitude.
The constant movement in the clear mountain water not only corresponds to the ideal way of life for trout and the like, it also means that the meat quality of the fish reaches an incomparable top level.